Yonex BT Shoes SHB Aerus2 Mex Navy Bl Uk-8

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  • Quattro Fit:Adjustments are made in the shoe at four key areas: smaller toes, arch, mid-foot and heel. This improves grip and the transfer of power, holds the foot more closely and firmly to the shoe, and improves response time and manoeuvrability.
  • Powe Cushion (3-Layer) The hard top and bottom layers help absorb 30% more shock, and give 5% more repulsion for the transfer of energy. The softer middle layer returns to its original shape quickly after impact, further improving repulsion power.
  • SYNCHRO-FIT INSOLE:Increases contact between foot and shoe, by elevating the mid to heel section of the insole. This creates a more secure fit, along with an improvement in energy transfer and overall comfort levels.
  • TOUGH GURAD III :Used in the upper construction the shoe, it is three times stronger than synthetic leather. Improves durability and heat resistance for long-term performance and comfort.


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